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We are very excited that you are reading this. It means you are evaluating and exploring the idea of moving to Panama, but you still don’t know where you would like to live. We have 3 categories, depending on your lifestyle or your dream lifestyle, and we are pretty sure that soon Panama will be the place you will call home.
Panama City is a picturesque metropolis that vibrates on its own. It’s a cosmopolitan city with warm weather all year. You will for sure be fascinated and in love with all the activities it offers you, no matter your lifestyle.
With beaches on the Pacific and the Caribbean coasts, Panama City definitely has a beach waiting for you. For lovers of relaxation or surfing, or explorers of virgin beaches, you will certainly find the one that will make you fall in love.
For nature lovers, the Panamanian mountains are beautiful and offer privacy, with impressive views and cool climates. It will allow you to live in the heights and enjoy the magnificent views of towns.

We divide this section in economic sectors as Hospitality, Financial, Factories and General business where you could find business in those 4 economic sectors working and normally operating in Panama City. 

All the businesses we promote in this section have been inspected and validated they are having profit in their last 2 previous accounting periods.

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City Hot Spots

Punta Pacifica is a residential area where skyscrapers predominate. You can enjoy the sea view from the apartments where you will find prestigious and recognized buildings such as the old Trump Hotel (now JW Marriott), Torre de Las Americas, the Pacifica Salud hospital, one of the most luxurious and crowded shopping centers called the MultiPlaza Mall, supermarkets, and various restaurants and cafes.
Living in Punta Pacifica you will feel that everything is close to you, including schools, restaurants, and banks.
Costa del Este is one of the most self-sustaining areas of the entire capital city, developed facing the sea on the Panamanian Pacific Coast and loved by nationals and foreigners. It is urbanistically planned to provide comfort and relaxation to its inhabitants.
It is home to many multinational companies that operate and control their operations in the region from there, which makes its population multicultural since people from all over the world live here along with companies from all over the world. In the surroundings, you will find many famous restaurants, the most prestigious schools, banks, and hospitals. Living in Costa del Este, you do not have to leave as you have everything in one place.
The first and the only man-made island in Panama and the Pacific Central America, Ocean Reef is where you will find the most luxurious and exclusive properties in the whole country, with an exclusive marina just in front of your home…
The neighborhood of El Cangrejo is one of the most picturesque, bohemian, multicultural, and walkable areas in the city, with a variety of shops, restaurants, and parks, which makes it fascinating to live here.
The hottest spot in the entire city, barely a decade old, Santa Maria has become the favorite place for buyers and high-class investors. It’s the favorite place for golfers and families who love privacy. There are nice views of a lake from your backyard or from your balcony.

Beach Hot Spots

Caracol Beach is kilometers of white sand beach with small buildings facing the sea, loved by retirees and surfers who love good living. The rich fresh breeze that characterizes Playa Caracol will accompany you on those afternoon walks along the beach and delight you with the beautiful sunsets in the evening.
On the coast of the Panamanian Pacific, due to its proximity to Panama City, one of the most famous beaches is Gorgona. Just 50 minutes by car, with a long coastline where in recent years several buildings have been developed facing the sea as well as many summer houses, the homes of many nationals and foreigners who have adopted Panama as their second home. The town of Gorgona is characterized by its friendly people and open arms for all its new residents. From here, you can organize walks and climbs to nearby hills like Cerro Chame.
The first beach community preferred by expatriates and the second largest in the country followed by Boquete, Coronado has all the facilities of life in the city. Its quiet beaches offer adventure and relaxation. In Coronado, age is just a number, the place where youth is eternal.
Preferred by golf lovers, this is the most exclusive beach community in the country. It offers a marina, water sports, and an equestrian club, with elegant mansions facing the sea. Buenaventura is unique.
Kokuye is a new beach project in pre-construction, one of a kind in the Panamanian Caribbean, with crystal clear waters from its garden and a marina just a few minutes from the San Blas archipelago.

Mountain Hot Spots

El Valle

If you are looking for tranquility and a cool climate, you will certainly find that and more in the mountains of El Valle de Anton. Here you can enjoy hot springs and nature walks only two hours from Panama City.
Altos del Maria is a gated mountain community with microclimates, definitely a nice place to retire from the hustle and bustle of city life, with incredible natural landscapes, waterfalls, and more…
Boquete is one of the best expat havens in Panama. In fact, it is the largest expat community, with highlands, frest weather, a community with all the amenities…..

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