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Santa Maria Pre-Construction Projects

Why buy a Pre-Construction Project in Santa Maria?

The real estate market, in Santa Maria is. Attracting attention from investors. One particular aspect that stands out is the availability of construction projects, which offer a unique opportunity to purchase property at prices below the market average. This makes it an appealing prospect for appreciation in the future. Early investors have the advantage of personalizing their properties allowing them to customize everything from floor plans to intricate design elements. This ensures a one-of-living experience.

These developments typically come with conveniences and high-end amenities blending luxury with practicality. Additionally, Santa Maria has been placing an emphasis on building practices making these properties environmentally conscious and add an ethical dimension to investing in them.

From a perspective, these pre-construction projects are attractive due to their payment structures. Developers often provide options that allow investors to make payments in phases reducing the burden of costs. This approach makes it more accessible, for a range of individuals to enter the market.

In terms of economics, Santa Maria is experiencing growth trends. With expanding businesses, infrastructure improvements, and increasing

Santa Maria Houses for Sale

What is Santa Maria?

First, welcome to the Santa Maria section on our website. We are very happy to be able to tell you a little about Santa Maria. Just 10 years ago, Santa Maria was just the dream of a few investors, and today it is a real estate jewel in the center of the city, which has become one of the most exclusive and elegant areas of the entire capital city.
Santa Maria is synonymous with status, elitist class, security, and good living, and it is for this reason that wealthy families, both Panamanians and the many foreigners who come to the country, do not hesitate to acquire one or more properties in Santa Maria.
A fact that is important to mention is that the value of properties in Santa Maria has not stopped increasing since a decade ago when it was at its beginnings.

Important residential houses in Santa Maria such as Island Estate where the houses are 100% customized and designed to the taste of their owners, it is the most exclusive cluster in all of Santa Maria, then we have, Fairway Estate, The Reserve, The Crescent, The Grove, The Wood

Apartments for Sale in Santa Maria

In Santa Maria, in recent years and since its inception, the best real estate developers have focused on building excellent quality products, which compete with each other in terms of luxuries and amenities offered to their residents, all with incredible views of the famous and well-known soccer field. golf course of Santa Maria and the Pacific Ocean, among the projects that stand out the most are La Maison by Fendi, The Pole, Signature, Albatross, The Reserve, Azalea, and among the new projects under construction The Ivy, Oceana, Pinnacle, as well as the exclusive project of houses The Wood.

Santa Maria Lots for Sale

Santa Maria has two important clusters where owners can build their own houses to their liking and design, such as the Island Estate and the Peninsula Estate, but it should be noted that we also have special lots in Lake View to build a family building with a maximum of 7 floors, which makes it very exclusive.

How do you get to Santa Maria?

Santa Maria is an urban oasis just 15 minutes along the Corredor Sur from the city center, and it is about 15 minutes from the Tocumen International Airport. This strategic location makes Santa Maria loved by all those who like to live close to everything, but without the noise and stress of downtown.

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What do people say about Santa Maria?

Its residents, regardless of their nationality, are in love with Santa Maria due to its many attributes. People say that when they enter Santa Maria, they feel like it’s an oasis within the city. Everything looks clean and extremely organized, like in a modern city of the great world cities.

They say that waking up and seeing the sunrise on the golf course and its lakes that they can appreciate from their windows is simply incredible. The sunsets and their magnificent colors always leave the residents stunned.

Residents with families feel that their children can be safe on Santa Maria avenues, parks, and common areas.
They have three highly protected entrances and there are multiple requirements to enter the urban area.
The best-known schools in the country are found in Costa del Este, which is adjacent to Santa Maria and Brisas del Golf, as well as in Costa Sur, a few minutes from Santa Maria. For this reason, it is a favorite for many families with children.

Santa Maria also has a Business Park in its commercial area, which allows many of its residents to be close to their offices and work centers.

There is also the construction of the Santa Maria shopping center that will soon house multiple convenience stores and will make the experience of living in a residential complex of this height even more incredible.

Commercial areas in Santa Maria

By the end of 2023, the delivery of the Street Mall is planned, which will be located at the entrance of Santa Maria and will house multiple stores of recognized brands. In its business center area, it has land to develop low-density office buildings, and currently there are important world-famous companies operating in this area. This area is separated from the residential area, so it does not generate an increase in traffic or population density in the residential area since they are not directly connected.

Break Down The Panama Property Buying Process In Less Than 30 Minutes

Narrow in on what you want and how to get it – with no surprises along the way.

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