Our Services

At Metro Realty, we seek to offer our clients an integral system of services, where through our team you can obtain complete satisfaction, offering among our services, real estate investment advice, we work hard to find the property you want, bank accounts, together with our team of lawyers, will be able to manage your migration process, among the most outstanding services that our company offers our clients.

Our business encompasses

  • banking and financial services
  • residential sales and/or rentals
  • commercial sales and/or rentals
  • consulting services for real estate development
  • property management
  • relocation concierge services


Banking and financial services

In the last few years, Panama City has become the banking hub of Latin America with many protections in place to make investments safe.  Metro Realty has excellent relationships with local banks to help our clients easily navigate residential and commercial mortgages.


Residential and Commercial rentals and sales

Metro Realty maintains a growing portfolio of residential and commercial properties all over Panama. We also work with many multinational companies, assisting individuals and families in relocating to Panama and aid retirees in renting or buying their dream homes in many of the beautiful beach and mountain communities, such as Coronado, Bijao, and El Valle de Anton.


Advising and Consulting

With our knowledge of the Panamanian market, we advise on potential locations for investments, which types of projects to develop, and the markets to which they should be directed.

Throughout the years, we’ve walked clients through several residential projects from beginning to end; from identifying the land and helping in the conceptualization to their subsequent advertisement and sale.


Relocation concierge services

As an additional service, we have a department dedicated to helping expatriates relocating with one of the many multinational companies such as Nestle, Adidas, Sanofi, UBS Bank (among many others) that now have regional offices and headquarters in Panama.

At Metro Realty, we make sure that every aspect of our clients’ moves are as seamless and smooth as possible and offer personalized attention to help you settle in and adapt to your new life in Panama, providing information, assisting with the day-to-day of connecting utilities, choosing furniture, helping with school enrollment, and anything else you might need during the process.



In order to avoid setbacks, it is always advisable to have experienced and knowledgeable attorneys to guide you through the process, especially those unfamiliar with Panamanian law. Together with our business partners, Metro Realty has two law firms. One specializes in immigration matters and the other in business matters, such as taxes, buying and selling properties and the acquisition of companies.

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