Coronado is one of the most developed beach areas in all of Panama, since the 1980s American expatriates began to settle in the area and it has been since then that the area has been liked by expatriates from all over the world, it is known today for being Today the largest expatriate retirement community in the country.
It is common on beach walks to run into retired people from all over the world and that is because the climate, temperature and beauty of Coronado’s beaches have captivated retirees from all over the planet, who have found their home in Coronado.
Coronado has a complete infrastructure, multiple restaurants, banks, supermarkets, San Fernando Hospital, which is one of the best and oldest in Panama, opened a branch in Coronado, you will find for those expatriates with children’s private schools with international schedules and with 100% classes in English.

Come meet Coronado you will love it.

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