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Buenaventura Panama Real Estate

Buenaventura Panama

When talking about natural uniqueness, you are referring to the Buenaventura community. This is a community that was built out of exceptional creativity. The location is in the Panamanian Pacific Riviera, almost one hour from the capital city. If you are the kind of person who finds enjoyment important, you have found the best location to explore and catch the best kind of fun.

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buenaventura panama real estate


What Birthed Buenaventura Panama

According to the CEO of Grupo VerdeAzul, GVA Diego Vallarino, one of the biggest real estate groups in Panama and developer of Buenaventura shared the story of Buenaventura Panama. The history of these great communities started over three decades ago by a farmer who bought just a portion of a farm from a North American. At first, the beauty of this location did not occur to the buyer, which lies in its dense vegetation and two kilometers of beachfront. The plan was to divide the area into seven places and look for hoteliers at the inception. However, today, it has overgrown the initial plans as it has become one of the most sought-after communities in the world.

Back then, based on the plan of the owner, Corporación Turística del Pacífico company was created, and eventually, based on his idea, a hotel was built. Buenaventura was a concept built due to the beach extension, and that was the brains behind choosing the land. From the outset of the project, a critical study has been carried out by the group based on the things that have been developed in the country and saw how their plans can be best be incorporated into international projects and how best human talents can be explored at its best to make their dream come through at the international level.

According to Diego, none of such had ever existed. That was why the organization of the community had a clear design from the beginning, and that is structuring it with the view of the water, which might be either a lake or a lake or sea. This planning, though initially, seemed to be risky to be ventured into because at the beginning, the infrastructure was developed and then what followed was the sales. However, what seems to be impossible at that time has developed into the community that everyone seeks to visit, even if it is once in a lifetime.


What Was The First Real Estate Development In Buenaventura

It is no other one than Los Portales. This was the first place in the community, and from that point, the development began, giving more spaces for greater development to many people as the years went by. Many of these masterpieces can be found in  Buenaventura. Apart from that, Santa Maria and other renowned projects within the country. Building a classic community is just one thing that they are known for, and that is what they keep promoting. Based on Diego’s assertions, the hotel design started with just 26 rooms, but it has developed drastically to 118 with many outstanding facilities that are innumerable, to mention.


What Was The Foundation Of The Amenity-Based Community

The very foundation was the hotel, and there is a trend in the way the community is developing- the strings of its history seem to reflect in the varieties of the amenities there. Among the ones that truly carry the reflection of history are the equestrian center, the zoo, and the Las Cuadras. These places have a lot to offer to visitors who truly want to connect to nature in its magnificence. The magnificence is reflected in how the beach club has expanded the channeling of the river, which makes a significant adjustment to accommodate future development.

Another great thing about the community is that Buenaventura features on the map after completing the villas. This gives more people the opportunity of finding it and visit it. Its feature on the map makes it keep growing at a very rapid rate, and the community that once started with just 100 resident families can now conveniently boast of having over 700 resident families. The testimony has been positive for both the visitors and the residents who can proudly say that life or visit one of the most beautiful places on earth. As good as this community is, many infrastructural plans are still underway that would help elevate it more to the interest of its residents.


The New Amenity: the Golf Course

Out of the thought to make the community world-class, there was a plan to create the golf course. This will not only benefit the residents but the visitors. This made the Buenaventura team start to make inquiries about many companies that have the best to deliver when it comes to golf course making. The first to satisfy their want was Nicklaus Design which was one of the best when it comes to golf playing. This company has over 300 golf course designs to its credit. That was an amazing testimony that elevated the status of the community. With 18 holes, Par 72, as well as a 7,383 yards course in a well-ventilated environment that aids the playing of the game, then you will surely want to keep visiting and playing golf games over and over again.

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Building Of The Marina

After surveying the community some years ago, there was a need for a marina, and after consultations and different surveys lasted for three years. The efforts of those three years, at last, gave way to the creation of the marina. With that new achievement, another pedestal of elevation was given to Buenaventura as it makes it to be at the peak of other beach communities around that area and possibly in the world.


Other Services That Make Buenaventura Always A Place To Be


Wine Store & Deli

Have been longing for the best treat in Buenaventura. Then you should rest assured that all you need is within your reach. Is it good and tasty wines for you and your friends who find fulfillment in catching fun regardless of the time? Then you can never have enough because there are lots to make each time a memory.


This is one of the things that both residents and visitors are bound to enjoy. Just within the community alone, there are eight different gastronomy offers for everyone.

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Buenaventura Zoo

Buenaventura is nature redefined, and that is why it is always looking for means of preserving in the light of this, has created a rehabilitation for many animals such as monkeys, pheasants, peccaries, raccoons,  and other species that are native to that environment. You can always learn about it whenever you visit for tourism.

La Ermita

You can’t just come to visit and miss out on LA Emits. That means you have cheated yourself in no small way. Have you wondered about having your loved ones under the shade of the Corotú in the Central Plaza? This and no other place accommodates families meeting every Sunday. It is always a place to catch fun, gist, and enjoy the best you have ever seen or tasted. Not only that it is ideal for a family gathering, but it is also a comfortable place for your big wedding coming soon. This is the perfect environment you can always rely on because it is shrouded in the mystery of nature and has a splendid aura that will hold your  visitors spellbound

Las Cuadras

That is one of the pioneering places in the community before it became more developed. This location, in the beginning, was known for being the place people used for plantations with their horses moving around. Apart from that, it was also a place known for nurseries and the beach; however, as the community began to take shape, it was now used for golf cart transportation, thus making the place a recreational center for all and sundry.

The Communities

Buenaventura is a place that has a defined carving out of nature, and it is still naturally preserved to always make it more attractive to everyone. Its natural beauty is evident in its landscape, architectural designs, and other physical things that you can see. All these a geared towards making your satisfaction of utmost importance.


It is a community located at the foot of the Pacific Ocean. Its entrance leads to the Buenaventura Marina. One thing that makes this community angelic and a site everyone should long to be are that European architectural designs carve it. Besides the beauty of is enveloped in, it is the happening place of the community where almost all the social activities take place. Name any of the seasons; Puntarenas cuts out to be the gathering arena for all social freaks in the community. You will always keep connected to that place with music, wine, food, and fun-catching gastronomy events. Another thing is that beyond the listed things you are bound to enjoy, you can still lodge in there. There are available apartments which range from 2-4 rooms with total areas of square 158 m2 that can easily accommodate you.


The beauty of Buenaventura cannot be complete without referring to MUA MUA Yes. It is all about the community’s culture and traditions handed down from older generations. This bodily signifies the beauty of the cultural richness of the community. You can always fund crafts depicting the beauty of the place. An exhibition center was created to ensure this cultural heritage is well-preserved for the incoming generations. This is significant to the residents of the community and the tourists who are always around. This will hence propagate and help to celebrate both the spirituality and culture of the people

Marina Village

As the name implies, it is an intellectual architectural design that stems from the idea of the environment shrouded in the beauty of the sea and the tropics, having its view toward the marina. This community will accommodate 12 buildings with apartments of 1- 4 rooms that range from  98 m2 with luxurious finishes and appliances such as AA. Based on the plan, the Marina Village will have a commercial plaza. In addition to that, it will also have a beach. A restaurant will be put there with a bar to serve the community residents. With these in place, you will never make a wrong decision about residing or coming there as a tourist


What could you do without knowing about Laguna? This is a beach life that matches shoulder-to-shoulder with nature. Its landscape design and the concept that births it are created by the international firm Hart Howerton. As a result of his inspiration from the lake and the sounds of nature within that environment, he creates an amazing picture of the place that was birth unto reality, thus becoming the cynosure of everyone. When you go through its carefully patterned street and its paths, you will come across natural things such as squirrels and birds. These creatures are one of the ones who have their habitats in Buenaventura.

Other things to enjoy include family amenities

The Weather: It is one of the most enjoyable places with the best weather devoid of natural threats or disasters.

Despite it being only 90 minutes from the city when you go through the Panamerican Highway, residents can enjoy many readily available services. Among them are::

  • Markets
  • Supermarkets
  • Primary School
  • Bilingual Education
  • Medicine
  • General
  • Specialty
  • Movie theaters
  • High School
  • College (coming soon)
  • Internet
  • Commerce

The geographical location is privileged because it has one of the best airports in that environment. Panama is close to anywhere, and this is because it connects with some important airlines that connect to the world.

From Buenaventura to Panamá

Panama is the place you will always want to see and experience. This is because it is one of those places that satisfy the yearnings of whosoever wants to connect with nature in its uncorrupted form. It is just a journey of 40 minutes from El Valle de Antón, one of the largest inhabited volcano craters globally. In El Valle de Antón, you can take full charge of nature and find out that there is more to life than the hustling and bustling of city life. With the pleasant weather and the popular “India Dormida” as well as some outdoor activities among which are the canopy, mountaineering, horseback rides, Craft market, Thermal waters, Squared trees, and much more, your tourist visitation will always be kept as a memory

How Does Panama Connect To The World?

From Panama, you can find flights to all of America. The country has 29 commercial airlines that are in operation. Apart from that, there are more than 400 flights daily that cover over 89 destinations in 39 countries in America, Asia, and Europe.

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