Coronado Panama

A beach Paradise in the Pacific Coast of Panama

What is Coronado Panama?

Nestled an hour away from Panama City lies Coronado – perhaps the most beautiful beach town you’ll ever come across. Admired by both vacationers as well settlers alike.

This place owes its popularity primarily due to its gorgeous coastline together with a thriving expat community known for embracing life here all year round .Surrounded on three sides natural beauty is abound with mountains on one side while ocean views greet visitors at every turn. Crystal clear waters set against white sand beckon everyone here to indulge in soaking up sunshine or engage in adventure sports ranging from swimming surfing. Some travelers might simply love lounging on tranquil shore ;while others will take advantage exploring more offbeat activities such as golf courses, tennis courts ,shopping centers or dining at top notch restaurants.

To those who are planning long term stay . Coronado has all the amenities that modern infrastructure can provide while still offering a low cost of living when compared to other parts of Latin america.

The hospitable expat community here speaks volumes about the places welcoming nature as one that truly invites you to become part of its vibrant multilingual hub. Those who venture beyond will be amazed at discovering nearby towns like El Valle and Penonome – each an opportunity to travel back in time and explore Panama’t cultural and historical richness.

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What people most like of Coronado Panama?

Coronado in Panama is loved in many ways by its visitors or those who make it their haven; for example:

1) Beautiful beaches: Its sheer shimmering beauty involves mesmerizing crystal clear waters amidst white sands which are ideal for several water activities such as appreciated surfing and swimming moments- indeed magnificent!

2) Affordable cost of living: Amongst other nations situated around Venezuela/The Caribbean region around Panama it holds an exceptional high standard yet financially costs less which serves as one aspect making it more enticing which especially draws in retirees near or far seeking out feasible places to call home.

3) Expat Community: Coronado has an array of super friendly Retirees and other immigrants from various parts of the world making it an incredibly diverse and all embracing town.

4) Modern Infrastructure: Coronado boasts exceptional facilities with cutting edge technologies that include modern healthcare centers, shopping outlets and several top rated restaurants leaving no stone unturned in providing world class amenities for its residents. 

5) Natural Beauty: The natural beauty present in the town extends further into the surrounding forests sporting mountains, ideal for many outdoor activities like hiking or bird watching which are not just enjoyable but also a spiritual experience.

6) Rich cultural history: Several historical sites are present in Coronado while museums that delve deeper into Panamas’ exhilarating past serve as a great educational experience for curious visitors and expats alike.

In conclusion, this all in one package mix offers up a seamless blend of natural beauty alongside an affordable cost of living catering to every persons’ needs singly or as families whether you are merely visiting or looking for new larger homes with stunning views by the beachside!

How do you get to Coronado Panama?

When setting out for Coronado Panama various routes can be utilised according to where you begin your journey.

In case one flies into the country from another nation. Tocumen International Airport situated in Panama City is the nearest international airport available – followed by an hours drive via either taxi or shuttle service.

By commuting locally within the borders of Panama there exist other options such as catching a ride via car or bus to reach ones destination in Coronado instead. An instance would involve transit on the Pan American Highway heading west towards San Carlos town thereafter turning south towards our desired location – this usually takes slightly over an hour when driving by car.
In addition to travelling via public buses from Panama City which is approximately 90 minutes of transit time and costs $3 USD private shuttles or drivers are also available for hire when travelling from nearby cities or Panama City. This alternative can provide more comfort for those with considerable luggage or are not keen on commuting via public transport.

Commuting within Coronado itself is relatively straightforward – primarily through walking as most attractions in town are within reasonable walking distance. Taxis are conveniently accessible for more extended travel periods or to destinations located in nearby towns.

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Current Coronado Real Estate Listings

Spectacular ocean views and access to luxurious amenities such as golf courses, tennis courts, and swimming pools are a few things that make properties in Coronado stand out. Additionally admired is the active expat community who prefers buying retirement or investment properties here.

Although prices vary depending on property types such as location and conditionings remain generally stable over time making them sound investments options.
One of the most significant benefits of investing in real estate here is earning rental income during peak seasons from December through April when full occupancy rates can be achieved with higher rents commanding a premium.

Regardless if you’re seeking a second home or an income-generating asset investment purchasing property here could be the smart decision with its desired location embellished by beautiful beaches & world-class amenities draws huge attention from local & international buyers.

Coronado Features

Coronado is considered one of the leading destinations situated in Panama due to its stunning scenery comprising beaches. A pleasant climate along with world class amenities. Here are some top features characterizing Coronado:

Endless Beaches: Visitors relish endless exploration opportunities at Coronados captivating coastlines featuring white sandy beaches reflecting ultra clear waters; outstanding beach spots include Coronado Beach, Gorgona Beach alongside Punta Barco Beach.

Residential Communities: Cornonodo accommodates several residential areas presenting different housing options ranging from luxurious beachfront properties to affordable apartments including amenities like exclusive pools tennis courts besides direct access to private beaches. Golf Courses: Golfers having diverse skill sets would undoubtedly relish the world class golf courses present at Blue Bay Coronado Golf & Beach Resort plus distinguished courses found at coronado golf and beach resort with challenges stemming from breath taking ocean views across varied holes present suitable for different skill levels.

Dining: Culinary enthusiasts will find themselves spoilt for choice when it comes to dining choices available within Cornonodo sampled on magnificent grounds ranging from family friendly eating establishments hanging out at casual cafeterias right up to high end restaurants that provide sensory rich international cuisine like Italian or Asian with a Latin American slant that caters equally well native locales as well as international visitors rapidly discovering its charms.
Shopping: There are numerous shopping options in Cornonodo catered to via fantastic spots like Coronado Mall stocking daily essential needs.

Comprising supermarkets drugstores besides boutiques showcasing trendy clothing choices. Medical Facilities: Accessible medical facilities are widely available within convenient reach of both local residents alongside tourists seeking proper care according to their specific requirements; at their disposal is an array of varied essential services catering from standard medical check ups with dental care to specialized treatments all tailored as per patients’ requirements.

Entertainment: For those seeking thrilling experiences in Cornonodo.

There are various outdoor activities such as hiking, angling, and surfing. Plus the place doesn’t slumber with vibrant nightlife options available highlighted through live music shows at bars plus nightclubs spread across the gamut of entertainment domains available for visitors.

In conclusion Cornonodo houses numerous features that serve as a magnet for curious travelers looking to exploit pristine territories steeped in history combined with luxurious amenities that drive accommodation but equally mesmerize people aiming to live life king size entirely!

Where is Coronado Panama located?

Coronado Panama is located on the Pacific coast of Panama, about an hour's drive from Panama City.

What is the population of Coronado Panama?

The population of Coronado Panama is approximately 27,000 people.

What is the weather like in Coronado Panama?

Coronado Panama has a tropical climate with high temperatures throughout the year, averaging around 85°F (29°C). The rainy season typically lasts from May to November.

What are the best activities to do in Coronado Panama?

Some of the best activities to do in Coronado Panama include surfing, golfing, visiting the beaches, exploring local markets and restaurants, and taking day trips to nearby attractions like El Valle de Anton.

How do I get to Coronado Panama?

The easiest way to get to Coronado Panama is by car, which can be rented at the Tocumen International Airport in Panama City. Taxis and buses are also available.

Are there any beaches in Coronado Panama?

Yes, Coronado Panama has several beaches, including Playa Coronado, Playa Tetas, and Gorgona Beach.

What amenities are available in Coronado Panama?

Coronado Panama has a variety of amenities including supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, restaurants, bars, and shopping centers.

Are there any supermarkets in Coronado Panama?

Yes, there are several supermarkets in Coronado Panama, including Riba Smith, Super 99, and Supermercados Rey.

What are the best restaurants in Coronado Panama?

Some of the best restaurants in Coronado Panama include Picasso Tapas Bar, La Ruina, and La Teca.

Is Coronado Panama a safe place to visit?

Yes, Coronado Panama is generally a safe place to visit. However, visitors should exercise normal precautions and be aware of their surroundings.

Are there any healthcare facilities in Coronado Panama?

Yes, there are several healthcare facilities in Coronado Panama, including Clinica Hospital San Fernando and Clinica Hospital Santa Fe.

What is the cost of living in Coronado Panama?

The cost of living in Coronado Panama is relatively low compared to many other countries. Housing, food, and transportation are generally affordable.

Is it easy to find rental properties in Coronado Panama?

Yes, there are many rental properties available in Coronado Panama. Visitors can find listings online or through local real estate agents.

Are there any golf courses in Coronado Panama?

Yes, Coronado Panama has several golf courses, including the Coronado Golf and Beach Resort and the Mantarraya Golf Club.

What are the real estate options in Coronado Panama?

There are a variety of real estate options in Coronado Panama, including condos, houses, and apartments. Prices can range from affordable to luxury depending on the location and amenities.

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