Ocean Reef Island

Two private artificial islands in the heart of the city

What is Ocean Reef Island?

In 1997, Ocean Reef Island was conceived as a visionary project; however, its execution didn’t commence until 2010 when some of the world’s foremost land reclamation companies joined forces for its completion. 

These two strategically-placed islands at the center of Panama City offer an unmatched and extraordinarily unique lifestyle that cannot be found elsewhere in this country. 

Currently standing as the priciest pieces of real estate-owned across all regions of Panama, these islands comprise low-density buildings with building heights precluded from exceeding four levels- inevitably catering to one’s exclusive needs for a single-family residential retreat. 

Amongst other notable features is unimpeded access to both private marina-amenities and helicopter landing pads personalized exclusively towards resident satisfaction.

Places of Interest in Ocean Reef Island

In the heart of Ocean Reef Island lies The Clubhouse – an exquisite rendezvous point scheduled for launch at year-end 2022. However, present occupants already find respite in its vicinity as boats dock just meters away from this elegant hub. For leisure activities aplenty there’s no shortage of options here; boasting superior sporting facilities encompassing tennis and paddle tennis courts plus a meticulously curated basketball court and specialized play area catering to young ones all surrounded by green spaces that offer walking trails through lush gardens making relaxation effortless. Notably so, avid aquatic adventurers among you will be able to revel in an abundance of jet ski rental opportunities sourced from available options within our very own water sports center.

How do you get to Ocean Reef Island ?

The only access route, which increases the security and exclusivity of the place, is through Punta Pacifica by helicopter or by boat.

What do people say about Ocean Reef Island?

Residents are overjoyed with life on the extraordinary Ocean Reef Island project. Homeowners benefit from exceptional safeguards that limit island admittance solely for residents and their invitees alongside an adept security team overseeing operations. Living on this breathtaking island with awe-inspiring oceanic views from every home is indescribable; it’s the perfect blend of tranquility amidst city chaos unique within central America’s landscapes. What’s more, some households even have their private boats docked just outside their property gates while also having casual access via helicopter – luxuries only accessible by few elites residing anywhere globally, let alone Panama.

Current Ocean Reef Island Estate Listings

Clients are snapping up properties in Ocean Reef at an incredible speed. Projects are sold almost immediately upon announcement and with limited inventory and space on the island, available projects sell quickly without any delay. The Palms was launched last April with only a few units left available already. SkyHomes is a remarkable apartment building boasting personal balconies and pools, as well as unobstructed sea views. Ocean Villas by George Moreno offer stunning semi-detached houses equipped with pools, expansive spaces, and ocean vistas. Garden Apartments feature fantastic social spaces including a rooftop swimming pool. Ocean Pearl is an apartment complex exhibiting exquisite design, spacious balconies, and breathtaking ocean views. All ventures at Ocean Reef are created with exceptional tastes in mind.

Commercial areas on Ocean Reef Island

Located adjacent to Punta Pacifica with accessible connections through it is Ocean Reef Island. For those who enjoy shopping at Punta Pacifica district’s popular shops will have access to two essential centers: Multiplaza Mall and Pacific Center Shopping Mall. Besides the mentioned ones, the surrounding area accommodates an expansive spectrum of facilities including types of shops like departmental stores as well as services including gas stations, supermarkets, beauty salons and pharmacies along with entertainment options like restaurants and cinemas – all within proximity to your accommodation.

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