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Pearl Islands

In the Pearl Islands Archipelago in Panama, we find Nestled in the embrace of Latin America, The most exclusive project of the region known as Pearl Island weaves luxury into sustainability. Picture it: a secluded island adorned with 30 kilometers of shimmering coastline. Not one, not two, but 14 untouched beaches punctuate its vast expanse, making it a vibrant oasis teeming with nature’s finest riches. Journey from Panama City, a mere 20-minute flight, and find yourself lost in the siren song of virgin sands and cerulean waves; a symphony hard to turn away from. However, owning a piece of this paradise isn’t for everyone. Only a select few, the crests of affluence, will grasp the true meaning of exclusivity here. A minuscule fraction of the world’s populace will boast about owning a haven amidst this magnificence. Let’s crystallize it further: This sanctuary is an enclave for those whose bank statements are read in 8 figures. But wait, there’s more. Pearl Island isn’t just about residences. Soon, it will be the proud host of the of a prestigious exclusive brand hotel This beckons the globe’s most discerning travelers, promising them an escape, a whiff of opulence, and a slice of this unparalleled paradise. In essence? Pearl Island is poised to be Latin America’s answer to Oil Nut Bay.

The Beach Club

pear island beach club

The Best View

The feeling of lounging by the pool, with the pristine blue sea just steps away, is unparalleled. It's sheer bliss to recline on one of its sun chairs and simply unwind.

pearl island beach club beach

White Sands Beaches

Each of the island's 14 beaches boasts powdery white sands, and the beach club is a shining example of this allure. Here, you can sip on exquisite cocktails while gazing out at the mesmerizing blue expanse of the sea.

pearl island beach club swimming pool

Amazing Beach Club

From the residences, the panorama unfolds breathtakingly: a vista that captures the club house, the pristine white sands, and the captivating blue expanse of the ocean.

The Marina

Private Marina

Pearl Island Marina isn't just a marina; it's a testament to world-class excellence, standing out as a gem not just in Panama, but across Central America.

The Slips

Guarded by a robust 350-meter breakwater, it boasts over 40 berths, accommodating boats as compact as 60 feet, stretching to the grandeur of mega yachts. Every dock and platform is meticulously crafted from top-tier materials, ensuring longevity and elegance. The exclusive Pearl Island marina allows the transit of yachts up to 250 feet and 30 feet hull draft.

pearl island marine house

Marina Services

But it doesn’t stop there. The marina brims with essential amenities: power, fresh water, ice, and swift WiFi connectivity. Whether it's ferrying goods to your residence or handling waste, everything is executed seamlessly, all under the attentive eyes and warm assistance of our dedicated deckhands.

Exclusive Islands Real Estate

pear island panama villas ocean view

Occean Village

Steps away from the stunning beaches of Pearl Islands you'll find these spacious and luxurious properties. Boasting terraces with pools that offer views of the Pacific Ocean. The picturesque gardens and guest house add to its charm and appeal.

Pearl island panama real estate apartments

The Condos

The Condos offer equally amazing attributes as the Villas, with stunning views of the sea, and spaces with incredible finishes, including 3 spacious bedrooms.

pearl island real estate ocean view

Ocean View Terraces

These terraces make you feel like you will want to relax forever and never leave, unless taking a moment to enjoy the clubhouse or the beautiful beaches with warm blue ocean waters that surround the island

The Air Strip

Not for Everyone

For those who understand that prestige goes beyond a simple price, you are already part of this exclusive community.

Nestled on Pearl Island, the private airport serves as a beacon of unparalleled convenience and luxury, exclusively catering to the arrivals of mid-sized jets. Welcome to an experience that seamlessly blends the skies with opulence.

Permitted Landings

Cesna Caraban, Citation CJ3, Citation Sovereing, Citation X, King Air 350, Hawker 900, Bombardier Challenger 300, Hawker 200 The private airstrip on pearl island that exists to accommodate private jets, with 1km or 1600 meters of take off distance.

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Break Down The Panama Property Buying Process In Less Than 30 Minutes

Narrow in on what you want and how to get it – with no surprises along the way.

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