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Why La Maison by Fendy?

Calling all connoisseurs of luxury; LA MAISON by FENDI CASA is giving new meaning to high end living in Panama with its soaring height and breathtaking architecture. Discover an exclusive line of exquisitely crafted interiors from one of the worlds most celebrated fashion brands FENDI CASA designed to perfectly embody class and sophistication. Choosing LA MAISON means choosing only the best: unparalleled amenities & sleek designs that will “wow” you from sunrise to sunset as you bask in true opulence.

Nestled gracefully within Santa Marias gated golf course community (one of Panamas most esteemed residential enclaves) stands LA MAISON an unmissable shimmering beacon that sets entirely new standards for style and design as well as redefines our idea of what home sweet home truly should mean. With cascading natural light through floor to ceiling windows & lofty ceilings – common spaces within the tower exude an airy and expansive atmosphere.

Each elegantly styled home boasts spacious bedrooms sleek kitchens fitted with premium appliances meticulous design craftsmanship from FENDI CASA’s team of designers & architects ensures an unforgettable living experience – Its clear no detail was overlooked.

Where is located La Maison by Fendi?

Nestled in the heart of Santa Maria sits La Maison by Fendi – a marvel for anyone who loves impeccable designs and luxury living.

To get there, simply choose from one of two entry points. The first is via the Santa Maria entrance near Costa del Este or alternatively through Llano Bonito where it borders with Corredor Sur (highway). As you make your way into Santa Maria township and follow its main boulevard route passing Ocean House and Albatros estates before reaching Empire; keep going until you’re finally greeted with peak grandeur at La Maison Fendi Panama.

Fendi Casa

Step into a world brimming with sophistication as you enter La Maison by Fendi Casa- renowned for its esteemed collaboration in luxury interior design services provided under the guidance of famed Italian fashion label -FENDI. Every inch has been designed precisely to meet your expectations so that each moment spent within these walls offers something unique to take away with you – whether it be porcelain flooring or designer furnishings from special collections exclusive only to residents at La Maison By Fendi Casa; there’s nothing quite like this place! Enjoy VIP treatment throughout your stay here including private elevators leading up/into each dwelling unit itself plus access privileges reserved for designated areas such as swimming pools or private event invites.

La Maison Apartments

Santa Maria Panama

A warm welcome awaits you into the affluent way-of-life in Santa Maria Panama! Known to host some of Panama City’s highest-ranking families – It rightfully positions itself as one of the remotest areas oozing elegance beyond measure without compromising on safety standards which has made it famous across continents gaining global recognition from people seeking luxury accommodation.

Wake up to classically crafted homes ranging from quaint yards adorned with gardens complete with state-of-the-art protection systems -all alongside amenities that attract discerning tastes both local and international who fancy fancy restaurants or would enjoy retail therapy at world-class shopping malls; That isn’t all – the neighborhood also provides a private beach club for its privileged residents seeking exclusivity. Indeed, Santa Maria is the epitome of luxurious living experience ideal for raising families.

Santa Maria Panama


How big are the apartments at La Maison by Fendi?

La Maison by Fendi has different sizes of apartments 356, 396, 440 square meters (3831, 4262, 4736 square feet) and penthouses of 715 and 821 meters (7696 and 8837 square feet)

Can I buy an apartment in La Maison even if I am not a Panamanian resident?

If of course Panama has free real estate rights for both nationals and foreigners, you can undoubtedly buy a property in this luxurious project.

How much is the monthly HOA at La Maison by Fendi?

Each apartment unit will pay monthly to the administration of La Maison the amount of $2.75 per square meter of construction of their apartment and an additional $100 for the administration of Santa Maria Golf & Country Club

When buying an apartment at La Maison, can I have a membership to the Santa Maria Golf Club?

Being the owner of a property in Santa Maria, you are entitled by default to a membership in the Santa Maria Golf club, but this has a cost that you must pay in a single payment. Buying the membership is optional and will depend on each owner.

How much does the membership to the Santa Maria Golf Club cost?

The membership to Santa Maria Golf Club has a price of $50,000 single payment to November 2022.

How much is the monthly fee for members of Santa Maria Golf Club?

Santa Maria Golf & Country Club members must pay a monthly fee of $500 to keep their membership active

Can Santa Maria Golf Club members bring guests to the golf course?

Each member will be able to have 3 guests on the court at a time.

Are cadis accepted at Santa Maria Golf & Club?

No, at this time cadis are not accepted on the Santa Maria Golf courses.

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