Bijao Panama

Live in luxury by the Bijao beach

Bijao Panama: A Beachfront Paradise with Luxury Amenities

Bijao Panama is a luxury residential community located on the Pacific coast of Panama that offers its residents an idyllic beachfront getaway for those seeking luxury and relaxation. With world-class amenities, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant atmosphere, Bijao Panama is sure to impress.

Located in the province of Coclé, Bijao can be reached via a two-hour drive from Panama City. The community spans more than 50 acres and contains different residential neighborhoods that have a unique charm and character. It caters to various housing preferences ranging from spacious villas to cozy apartments that range in price.

What sets Bijao apart as a luxury beach residence is its stunning beachfront that stretches for 2 kilometers! With its clear sand beaches perfect for practicing water sports such as surfing or paddleboarding, sunbathing or taking quiet walks on the beach. The complex also offers several amenities that aim to make your stay comfortable and convenient for you, from swimming pools (including one with an incredible ocean view!), gym, a spa, restaurants with delicious food options, and social events. hosted in the clubhouse throughout the year. Adding to this impressive list of features is the Bijaos nine-hole golf course, designed by renowned architect Ron Garl.

This course includes spectacular panoramic views of breathtaking scenes of the ocean, as well as the surrounding mountains, providing golf enthusiasts with not only an adventure, but also unforgettable memories.
If you are investing in Panama Real Estate, then consider buying properties in Bijao Panama. Definitely worth considering thanks to its variety of available property options, ideal for both full-time residents and vacation home buyers. Looking for a place where convenience meets affordability?

If you want to retire in style or are interested in real estate investments, Bijao should definitely be on your list of considerations.

And when it comes to vacations away from home, what could be better than relaxing in the middle of stunning beaches? Add a lively setting and world-class facilities to the mix – lo and behold, they aren’t called a traveler’s paradise for anything!

Experience Luxury at the Bijao Beach Club in Bijao Panama

Adjacent to the Bijao community you will find a vacation destination known as The Bijao Beach Club, located right next to the Bijao community, immediately creating an intimate atmosphere of class, luxury and indulgence. Perfect for all residents who need to host visitors, they will have a 5-star hotel as their neighbor.

However, the real star of the show is undoubtedly its celebrated beach club.
The charm of the Bijao Beach Club lies in its diverse range of excellent features that cater for all needs and provide for a laid-back lifestyle of pure relaxation.

For example, there are several pools present in the complex that feature an infinity pool that offers magnificent views of the ocean with an option for swimmers or sunbathers to kick back and relax in style.
When hunger strikes, guests can explore its signature restaurant that prepares international and local delicacies that are incorporated with freshly prepared seafood, grilled meats, and burgeoning vegetarian options, sure to satisfy every palate.

Its versatile dining options encourage guests to enjoy a quick bite or branch out into quiet culinary explorations with friends or family.
For those looking for chill vibes amidst nature’s quaint oasis lounging and sipping your favorite cocktails with stunning tranquil views all around you, look no further than the chill out area at The Bijao Beach Club has you covered.

Designed for those seeking attractive beach getaways, regularly strolling barefoot across the soft sand while splashing in the crystal clear waters. Basking in a few rays of sunshine, Playa Bijao is easily accessible via specially designed direct paths adding to every extra incentive to book this exclusive vacation destination.
Lastly, vacation enthusiasts are never short of lively activities throughout a calendar year organized on the premises, including the infusion of live musical entertainment with a themed atmosphere that plays around the inviting pool areas, providing guests with vacationers a perfect dose of entertainment. Do you want to indulge your senses in an exclusive oasis facing the sea?

Whether seeking full-time residence or purchasing your own vacation home, Bijao Beach Club offers an unrivaled opportunity to meet people while forging meaningful relationships along the way, courtesy of its vibrancy and community spirit. Its prestigious facilities along with various housing options attract people who want to invest in oceanfront sanctuaries that possess premium features.

To present a summary, nestled under swaying palm trees with pristine views of the Pacific shorelines; The Bijao Panama keeps every promise it makes; seamlessly blending stunning natural views with world-class amenities, creating the perfect retreat for people seeking closeness to nature in luxurious surroundings.

Experience World-Class Golfing at the Bijao Golf Club in Bijao Panama

If playing golf is one of your favorite pleasures in life; We know exactly where we would recommend – go ahead and visit the phenomenal Bijao Golf Club located in stunning Bijao Panama. As part of the most luxurious residential beach community in Panama, with more than 50 hectares of incredible surroundings; This world-renowned Ron Garl-designed 9-hole championship course offers his unique blend of earthy natural beauty over 14,000 feet in length.

The exciting layout includes fantastic ocean views along with magnificent mountain scenery complete with various natural charms, making it an incredible challenge for even the most advanced players.

Championship Course: Satisfyingly challenging yet equally splendid at the same time, this fantastic course is excellently suited to all levels of experience thanks to the variety of tee options available to ensure that every golfer enjoys the game.

Practice Facilities: Improve your swing or warm up before playing on their immaculate driving ranges, putting greens or chipping area.

Golf Lessons: Achieving performance increases and mastering skills are the priorities why Bijao Golf Clubs’ team of experienced professionals run their courses. Clients can benefit from excellent lessons offered at different levels.

Clubhouse – Experience fine cuisine, drinks, and unwind after a challenging round of golf in this relaxing clubhouse – perfect for kicking back and refreshing! Whether you want a post-golf snack or some good company among comrades over drinks, you can be sure that the clubhouse is a welcoming space conducive to both experiences. As if its exceptional golf course and amenities weren’t enough to attract visitors alike, the Bijao Golf Club also incorporates several residential options designed for those interested in enjoying a world-class resort lifestyle.

Whether you are looking for cozy apartments or spacious villas, all needs can be easily met.

How to Get to Bijao Panama: Your Complete Guide

Making plans to visit Bijao Panama by air involves landing and being taken by ground transportation to the Panama City International Airport, (Tocumen International Airport), then a stretch by road for approximately two hours. Visitors to Canada can fly with Sunwing Airlines from Canada to Rio Hato Scarlett Martinez International Airport. From the airports, you can take local taxis, Uber, or any transport that you have arranged in advance.

In the same way, from the Albrook National Transport Terminal you can take the buses that go from Panama City directly to San Carlos, the closest area adjacent to the chosen destination requires additional transfers that involve taxis or other easily available forms of transport and then take them directly to Bijao. Many competitive service providers within the tourism industry offer private transfer packages from Panama City or the airport to Bijao, a convenience option, especially when traveling in a group and enhancing the pleasant experience of your stay in Panama.

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What do people say about Bijao Panama?

There is no denying that Bijao Panama is a beautiful residential beach destination that has been gaining popularity with visitors from around the world. Due to its stupendous serenity and tranquility added with an immense natural landscape: unbelievably clear waters, sandy beaches and lush vegetation around this place; making this place remember as a paradise on earth, but that combines modernity and good living. The residents are fascinated with all the sports amenities and beach clubs, which makes the stay really fascinating for both residents and guests!

The positive comments from residents and visitors about the easy way people behave in Bijao, with such hospitality.

Residents and visitors are fascinated by the sports courts, tennis, golf. The 7 pools facing the sea in the clubhouse are the most captivating aspect of the project surrounded by impressive trees, the kilometers of beaches with clear sands.

Hotel Bijao Panama

Bijao has a presence of important hotels of recognized world fame in its vicinity of the Bijao Panama residential area, among which the following stand out:

And multiple small local hotels for all those looking to stay a few days in Bijao or nearby

What is Bijao Panama?

Bijao Panama is a luxurious beachside community located on the Pacific coast of Panama, known for its stunning beaches and world-class amenities.

What are some popular activities in Bijao Panama?

Bijao Panama offers a range of activities, including swimming, golfing, beach volleyball, tennis, and water sports, among others.

How do I get to Bijao Panama?

Bijao Panama is accessible by car, bus, or shuttle from Panama City, with a travel time of approximately 2-3 hours depending on traffic.

What is the climate like in Bijao?

Bijao Panama has a tropical climate with temperatures averaging 80-90°F (27-32°C) year-round. It's sunny and humid with occasional rain showers.

What types of accommodations are available in Bijao Panama?

Bijao Panama offers a variety of accommodations, including beachfront condos, villas, and townhouses with access to pools, golf courses, and more.

Is it safe to travel to Bijao Panama?

Bijao Panama is considered a safe destination for tourists, but it's always important to take necessary precautions and be aware of your surroundings.

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