Metro Realty Panamá was created in 2007 when its founder Alexander Barrelier saw the need for a fresh, honest, and trustworthy approach in Panama’s real estate market, with the highest quality service standards in the industry in mind.

Since its inception, Metro Realty has collaborated with multiple international companies, developers, clients, and investors to acquire income-generating properties, existing businesses, and family housing, as well as longer-term development projects.  With many of our clients, we went from conceptualizing the business idea, to finding the land to develop it, as well as advising on the development and commercialization of the projects.

We have participated in over 500 real estate transactions, from rentals to the purchase and sale of commercial and residential properties.

We are legally licensed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Panama, regulated by the Technical Board of Real Estate, License PJ0943.

Our team made up of Panamanian and foreign professionals with high knowledge in economics, finance, banking, law, and the real estate market, both Panamanian and international, positions us as a leading company in advice on real estate investment in Panama.

The most exciting thing for us is meeting a client, becoming his advisor, and ending up winning a friendship.

Talk to our experts before making an investment decision.

Metro Realty Panama we are professional in Real Estate

Let us advise you on the purchase of your future property in Panama

Our Values


We respect the rights of our colleagues, competitors, clients, and we are always transparent and ethical.


Always energetic and diligent, we work hard to help our clients meet their goals and build lasting relationships with them.


Our greatest commitment is loyalty to our clients and ethical business practices that benefit all parties involved.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients and colleagues walk away satisfied with the outcome of our collaboration.

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