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The buildings and sectors of the project are carried out in the framework of the horizontal real estate program (PH is short – for Spanish), and residents already have and manage all public domains. Most apartments in Panama city are in this structure, many emissions and foreigners will appreciate the standards leading to the community.

Phase, one of the developments includes 28 units in 12 buildings, each with its design and various models of apartments and Pentagon.

General Features:

  • All apartments include a balcony with a charming seaside view from various angles.
  • Buildings are up to four stories high, allowing the natural landscape to thrive without dramatically affecting it.
  • An overall low-density development with ample and comfortable spaces.
  • The community’s infrastructure is planned and built with the highest design and quality standards.
  • Apartments have tall windows so that you can feel the canopies of the surrounding decorative trees and really get a sense of the local natural environment.
  • All construction was considered to leave a small carbon footprint.
  • Saltpeter resistant materials were used.
  • Special roofs for rainy weather add function and style.
  • All buildings have elevators.
  • Digital internet connection and high-speed WiFi throughout the grounds.
  • The promoters have built all roads and streets that lead to and from the project.
  • Experts in various areas were consulted for their assessment of the development.

Your choice is located in Kokuye to adapt your lifestyle and is also suitable for couples or family, weekends or summer, with different sizes and designs to satisfy your special comfort.


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